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Greet, Listen, Cut & Reward!

  1. How do you greet a client?

When a client enters your shop,

  • Good Morning

  • Good Afternoon

  • Good Evening

If you know them then address them by their first name.

   2. How do you approach a client?

  • Hello Mrs. Smith,

  • How are you doing today?

  • Nice to see you today.

Once they are in your chair then you drape them accordingly to the service they will be receiving.

   3. How would you like your haircut today?

  • Listen to your client, then suggest another hairstyle only if the client is indecisive or wants to change their hairstyle.  

If the client doesn’t want a new look, then drop the issue and cut their hair as they desire.

  4. Would you like me to dry your hair after the haircut is completed?

  • Listen to the client’s answer, if the client doesn’t want their hair dried, then do not dry the client’s hair.

The last thing you want to do is upset the client. Trust me when a client says no, they mean no.

  • If you offer a loyalty card then upon the completion of the hair service, you offer them a card and explain in detail exactly how the card works. If the card is solely for full price haircuts, then do not punch the card if they come in with coupons.

Do not favor clients they must all obey and respect the loyalty cards as they are meant to be used.

Woman Hair Stylist
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