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Haircut Attachments

Layer Cut, Long Face Frame 


As professional cosmetologists we should advise our clients on what type of haircut the client is getting by explaining exactly on how we cut their hair. It will be easier for us as stylists since it is very easy to forget what style or with men what clipper number to use on them. It is important to educate your clients on how the clipper system works. It’s just not enough to cut their hair and send them home. Clients should know what clipper numbers you will be cutting their hair with on the sides, back and on top also, whether it will be done with shears or a large clipper number.

Most clients do not know what tapering means, I like to educate my clients on what clipper number I will be using followed by the tapering machine. It looks neater and the haircut lasts a little longer, since men's hair grow faster and longer on the sides, since they usually have a short hairstyle.

Women’s cut and style, most clients do not know what a layer cut is or a face frame. With women’s haircuts, first I listen to the client request and if necessary, I suggest or improvise on what I feel would look better for client’s hair type, and texture. It’s about being realistic, some clients want the impossible and well they will need a little more convincing in changing a particular look, but at the end of the haircut, most times they will be pleased with the outcome. But a client must be ready to change their look. If they are undecided, please do the regular haircut as usual because an undecisive client will not be happy. It’s better to not to cut too short and listen to their request even if you know it’s not what they should be getting, rather than changing their image altogether. I have allowed clients to take home the hairstyling book home and bring it back once they are ready for a makeover. It may take a month or longer but at the end they will be ready, and they will be pleased with the outcome of the haircut and style. Remember always put yourselves in the clients’ shoes. If you are not ready, then you will know when the time comes to do so. Ever get a haircut and you know in your gut you really weren’t sure, but had it done anyways, then regret it afterwards. This is what I am talking about, we sort of have to be phycologists when it comes to certain haircuts and lifestyles.

During the earlier years of working in a barbershop, I once I had a client confidently, ask me to give him a number two clippers on sides and back of his hair. I wasn’t experienced at the time and didn’t question him and just did what he asked me to do. Well within minutes he began screaming at me asking me what you are doing I look like a teenager. I told him sir; I am doing what you have asked me to do! Unfortunately, most barbers will lie to clients about what number or numbers they use on clients. Sad but true, and this is not right. Remember a client will stop being loyal regardless of what number you tell them you’re using to cut their hair. It’s best to be honest than to have angry clients. The outcome was good I had no choice but to finish the haircut and well although it was shorter than he expected he was happy at the end of the haircut. Now, a thousand years later I ask twice on what number to use and always double check that you are using the correct numbers on the clippers. Yes, this has happened we are human after all and not magicians.

Hair franchises now have haircut profiles for each client making it easier when consulting with the client about his or her haircut, however, if the previous stylist did not update the notes, the client may walk out with a mohawk instead. So, listen, talk and then advise and suggest what haircut would be suitable for your client before assuming what is on the notes is correct and at times clients do like a new haircut style. Happy clients begin with the correct hair attachments, so update profiles and always listen and ask twice, don’t worry about sounding like a broken record. Clients appreciate an honest barber, and stylist.

Happy haircut attachments and good luck.

Maria Lurdis Afonso  

Hair Trimming
Luscious Curls

10 Barbershop Marketing Ideas

    10 Barbershop Marketing Ideas



  1. Create an Outstanding Website with lots of Pictures of your Clients Fades

  2. Offer New Clients a Discounted Haircut with a New Stylist only (specify that the special is with the new stylist only)

  3. Offer Loyalty Cards for Haircuts and Shaves

  4. Offer a Two for Tuesday Haircut Special for Father’s and Sons

  5. Offer an Afterschool Haircut Special for all the Kids between 3-5 in the afternoon

  6. Offer One Day during the Week a Senior Day (Specify an after 65+)

  7. Ask for Clients Review and Offer them a Discount on their Service as a Thank You!

  8. Offer them a Discount if they prepay for their Haircuts

  9. Offer them a Discount when they Prepay for their Haircuts or Shaves

  10. Give them a Complimentary Shave after Five Haircuts

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