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How one Customer got me to Write my First Book

How to Succeed in the Beauty Barber & Nail Business. 

How one Customer got me to Write my First Book


In the early stages of owning my barbershop I came across a client who would change my life in a way I never imagined. He suggested I write a book about the salon, nail and barbering business. At first, I thought he meant my life experiences in dealing with clients, I was like oh boy can I write a crazy insane book about that. To my surprise I grabbed my notebook and Bic blue pen and headed to the beach that weekend and began writing my first book, “How to Succeed in the Beauty Barber & Nail Business.”

It took some time to get my research together. I spent numerous hours at the library and read lots of marketing books along the way. It was fun because on my spare time I can be found at Barnes & noble in the marketing section. Yes, that has always kept me on my toes. It never gets old, and I seem to always learn something new each time I pick up a marketing book.

Not to get all religious here, however I do believe that God sent me this client on that particular day to give me that message and I’m glad I listened, and I wrote this book with the hopes of helping ambitious stylists and students who may be seeking to open their own salon one day. We all need to follow our dreams and never give up on them. No matter how unrealistic some dreams are, all is attainable just focus and keep positive thoughts.


Listen to your clients sometimes they have great messages that may just change your destiny and open new doors for your future.


Maria Lurdis Afonso


Giving it 150% more than expected

Giving it 150% more than expected


Sadly, most employees do not make an effort to work that extra mile. Almost 99% of employees don’t show up on time for work leaving the other employees to do their job for them. Unfortunately, this behavior will cause stress and resentful toward other co-workers.  


Imagine if every employee had the same mindset of being late or constantly calling from work. When a client shows up at a business, they expect that shop to be opened when they state they will be.


Going that extra mile will ease the stress at work and co-workers will want to work more diligently knowing their co-workers are all cooperating as a team and the boss will sure recognize the team effort.

Let us all begin to go that extra mile and make 2022 a new leaf on doing the right thing for each other.

Open For Business
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